Keeping The Heart

John Flavel


Proverbs 4:23, The Text Explained
What Keeping the Heart Supposes and Imports
Duties Included in Keeping the Heart
Reasons Why This Should Be the Greatest Business of Life
Special Seasons Which Require Our Utmost Diligence in Keeping the Heart:

A Special Warning to Hypocrites and Formal Professors
A Special Encouragement to the People of God
Ten Motives Exhorting to a Hearty Engagement in Keeping the Heart

Note: Because Mr. Flavel did not include many footnotes, we are adding them directly to the text so that they will fit in with the immediate context.


This volume is an abridgment extensively circulated in the U.S.A by the American Tract Society — it is without doubt a classic without peer on the subject of the book and has gone through myriads of printings.

This edition was originally published by Sovereign Grace Publishers, Grand Rapids, MI, in 1971.

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